Daily step count: how much is enough?

Daily step count: how much is enough?


Daily step count: how much is enough?

Physical activity is well known to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system, and good health in general. A recent publication addresses the issue of daily step count and how it affects our health.

According to the authors if an individual walks more than 2517 steps per day, a substantial reduction of overall mortality is achieved which reaches 8%.

The benefit of physical movement is increased even more if the daily step count exceeds 8763 steps per day, with the overall mortality to be reduced by 60%. A person who walks 7126 steps per day reduces the risk of any cardiovascular event by 51%.

There is no medication or supplement that can reduce mortality and cardiovascular risk that much. With the use of smartphones and smartwatches it is now very easy to monitor our daily step count. By reaching the numbers, mentioned above, we can easily and effectively protect our health.

Relationship of Daily Step Counts to All-Cause Mortality and Cardiovascular Events
Niels A. Stens, Esmée A. Bakker, Asier Mañas, Laurien M. Buffart, Francisco B. Ortega, Duck-chul Lee,
Paul D. Thompson, Dick H.J. Thijssen, and Thijs M.H. Eijsvogels
J Am Coll Cardiol. 2023 Oct, 82 (15) 1483–1494

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Copyright by Dr Yiannis Panayiotides 2018. All rights reserved.